I won’t hide it – I strongly dislike the word “ulujain“. It was a place on a map I drew up for a story that no longer exists, crafted probably in the early 90s. Back then, I took a fancy to the word and used it for a variety of things: video game characters (ugh!), user names on forums (equally ugh!) and, alas, a domain name I registered nearly seventeen years ago, after using it as an account name on various ISP’s token web-spaces (i.e. bogus.url/~ulujain). Well, o frabjous day, I’m of no mind to just let it lapse. Sentimental value? That’d have to be it, and after using it for mostly miscellaneous purposes, I’ve finally decided to put it to some artistic and worthwhile use.

Firstly, it will be a testbed for my experiments with the W3.CSS framework. Secondly, as mentioned, I’ll be devoting some of my more artistic passions there, essentially photography. This site will remain the outlet of my written creative work.

So I’m sorry Mr. Google et al, for the numerous 404s you’re about to get, but that’s the price of progress, and putting factual mediocrity into the digital graveyard.