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Life derailed…

Seems a bit drastic that title, but that’s what happened. Why? I refer readers to this post. I said there it would remain a hankering, nothing more. Well, bollocks to that. I promptly downloaded ESO (promptly meaning 30 odd hours on my ASDL2+ connection) and started playing it again.

For hours a day.

At the exclusion of practically everything else.

It isn’t the game’s fault. Of course it isn’t. It’s mine for putting meaningful life aside for the benefit of no thinking involved entertainment. I was keeping a daily activity log too, and getting a whole lot done re: editing stories and working on my game. I even started uni again (IT degree) and yet the ESO addiction kept going. I stopped playing it a few weeks ago, and things are slowly, yet surely getting back in order, scholastically and creatively. Even with my personal life.

I’m on the cusp of changing things there too. If you go back through this blog you’ll see a collection of false starts and ideas. Well, for a variety of reasons, I will no longer tolerate these half-assed beginnings and failed efforts. I can’t fail this time.

Life will no longer go off the rails. I’ll see, and you’ll see.

Kettlebell adventures begin

I got hold of a 12 kilogram kettlebell and am currently going through various sites and YouTube videos to find an optimal workout. I’m starting to prefer the kettlebell over traditional dumbbells because of the aerobic component. I’m not after muscle growth, but rather an all over fitness regime concentrating on tone and weight loss. I will post updates as I progress.


The bell of kettle

Must get back on track

I have been in some sort of diet limbo for a couple of months now and it’s not good. I haven’t weighed myself in a while and I’m not keen about doing it either. There’s no way I’m at 117 kg any more.

I can’t forget the reasons why I started Operation 47 – that’s the initiative. When things waver, go back to the reasons I began this weight loss regime. Health, smaller clothes, fitness…if I can be slim again there’s nothing I can’t achieve. Success is a slippery slope, in spite of that being a logical fallacy. So, I must get Operation 47 back on the rails. Here we go. Let battle commence…again.

operation 47

Halfway there…

operation 47

Alrighty, read this post, if you’re of a mind. It’s the start of my weight loss goals. I wanted to lose 40 kg by the time I’m 47 which is in December 2015. Well, it’s now 8 February, 2015, and I’m just a touch under halfway there. When I weighed myself the other day (Tuesday, 3 February) I was at 116.7 kg. That’s nearly twenty kilograms lighter than when I started this whole calorie counting thing four months ago. My gut feels “caved in” – my arms and legs feel smaller, the shorts almost fall off my hips.

I have no doubt I’ll be 40 kg lighter by December 2015. In fact, the way I’m going, I’ll be even lighter.

Once again, it’s all been too simple. I’ve just counted what I’ve eaten and drank of a day using myfitnesspal.com and stayed at or under the allotted daily kilojoule allowance. No stupid diets, no beans-only main meals or cold showers (like I read in one book on “revolutionary” weight loss), no meal replacement powders, no shakes, no eating only lettuce and spinach. No excuses.

Just measured what I eaten and drank. Hell, I still eat stuff like pizzas and McDonalds on occasion.

So, if you need inspiration and you’ve found these posts through Google, look at all the Operation 47 stuff I’ve written. Hopefully, it’s motivating.

Serious progress is serious

operation 47

When I weighed myself this morning I was 119.1 kg. So I’m finally below 120 kg. I haven’t been under that particular target since around 2003-2004, at least. Since I’ve started this counting calories (or kilojoules rather) gig, I’ve shed 17 kg. While I’m not quite a fount of exuberant energy (yet) I do feel lighter. Clothes sit looser on me and it’s easier to get up from a chair or out of bed. That’s when my back doesn’t give me grief, which is a story for another day.

As I’ve said with nearly other Operation 47 entry here, it’s been too easy. All I do is count calories and stay under a certain limit each day. It works. The weight is falling off.

Can write off the holidays

operation 47

Well, I’ve tried to maintain calorie counting and watching what I eat and I’ve been largely successful, but no, I guarantee I’ve put on weight this last week. When I weigh myself tomorrow, that suspicion will be vindicated. No big deal – silly season is coming to an end, 2015 is nearly upon us then it’ll be full steam ahead. I’ve lost 15 Kg since I started Operation 47 and there’s no stopping me now.

Edit: surprise, surprise – I actually managed to lose 500 grams. I’m at 120.1 Kg.

Quite amazing really…

operation 47

It was my birthday yesterday, and we spent some of the day over a friend’s house out in the country. A Christmas party. I’ve been keeping track of what I eat and drink for just over two months now on myfitnesspal and I’ve lost fourteen kgs in about eight weeks, mainly by sticking to (or staying under) my daily kilojoule allowance, which is currently at 7800 kJ. But yesterday, I relaxed things a little and ate stuff I ordinarily don’t touch any more like chips (crisps), marshmallows, gummy lollies, cake, crackers, dip and so on.

You know, I felt blah afterward. I’m so accustomed to eating healthier food that reverting to processed sugary stuff even for a day did my body no good. It was like being poisoned. In return for my splurging on garbage yesterday, I’m having a light one today, aiming for about 5000 kilojoule maximum.

The moral of this story? If you train yourself to eat and drink healthier, your mind and body will readily tell you what isn’t so crash hot for you.

Weight and the losing thereof

operation 47

I’ve been at it for six weeks now, and I’m down to 125.9 kg. When I started to get serious about weight loss, I was 136 kg. Just by counting calories (or kilojoules if you like) and staying at or under my prescribed daily limit (8159 kJ), I’m losing weight steadily. 10.2 kg in six weeks to be precise. And guess what? I feel good doing it. I’m not starving or eating nothing but rabbit food. I’m just not eating the processed stuff I was before – salami, cabanossi, et al. No cereal either and I try to reduce my bread and pasta intake. Nothing to do with ketogenic or Atkins diets or anything; they’re chocker block full of kilojoules. Your average plain bread roll has about 750 kJ in it.

I’m aiming to eat good quantities of fruit and vegetables too. Most days I’m successful at it. At Christmas time this year, I’ll be at or around 120 kg, which will be the lightest I’ve been in probably a decade.

All because I decided to count calories using myfitnesspal. Too easy.

Operation 47 updated

operation 47

Since I started with Operation 47, I’ll be frank and say I’ve made generally zero progress. Up until a week ago. Why? Simple – I wasn’t paying attention to what I was eating and drinking.

For the last week, I’ve subscribed to a site called myfitnesspal. This place allows you to set a goal – such I’ve done with Operation 47 – and then log everything you’re doing to reach that goal, i.e, everything you eat and drink, and the exercise you’re doing. It has an exhaustive list of foods and drink, and the best thing about it all? You can record packaging barcodes with your mobile phone which saves a lot of manual data entry.

phone screenshot

In the week I’ve been using it, I’ve encountered one product that had no listing and I had to enter it manually, which ended up being a cinch anyway.

Counting calories (or kilojoules, if you like) – that’s what it’s all about. Heretofore, I wasn’t counting anything, just logging what I ate, which didn’t serve much of a purpose save bookkeeping. With myfitnesspal, I can accurately record everything that goes down my gullet. I’ve not gone over my daily calorie allocation (8494 kJ or 2030 calories).

So, my optimism that I will succeed with Operation 47 has returned.

Edit 14 October, 2014 I am at 133.2 kg. That’s a loss of about three kilograms. 

Sixteen months from now

operation 47

As I write this, I am exactly 16 months away from my 47th birthday. That’s 68 weeks. I just weighed myself, and I’m 135 kg. Take away the clothes I had on, and the fact that I’ve eaten/drank and that’s more realistically about 133 Kg. All right, but let’s use 135 kg as a baseline, as it makes the maths a tad cleaner. I’d like to be 100 kg minimum by Dec 7, 2015.

35 ÷ 68 = 0.515.

So, that’s a weight loss of about 500 grams a week. That’s a touch over one pound to you folks who lean that way. That’s readily achievable, even without doing drastic things.

OK, this is me right now. Scary stuff. Not just to look at either – it’s scary for health reasons too. I’m shaving years off my life by carrying weight like this.



I’m still planning on what to do in regards to exercise, but with food, I’m already eating less, and eating more sensibly. I’ve eliminated processed stuff from my diet and am trying very hard to make my own snacks and so on. So, in a future update, I’ll post here precisely what I’ve been doing with food and activity.

I’ll leave this video here. This guy was 47 at the time he made this. If I could do some of these exercise routines right now, I’d be happy. It truly is inspiring stuff. Something to work towards.

He’s disabled embedding, so click to watch.

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