One could argue Test For Echo is a continuation of the sound first presented on Counterparts. It’s not as “grindy” as that album, nor does it tackle some of the challenging subject material it had.

Like most Rush albums, this one requires repeated listens. The songs do blur into one another, as they are on the “samey” side a bit and it’ll be some time before each take on their own character. Of course, if you’re not a Rush aficionado this album won’t sway you in the slightest. It’s not one of Rush’s best efforts and dare I say it, the album may well be the victim of some complacent song writing.

There’s some great cuts on here, like Driven, Resist and Half The World. All of the songs are generally mid-tempo and there’s nought here that seriously rocks out.

This site calls Test for Echo the worst Rush record…hmm, well, their last three platters haven’t gelled with me yet, so I’ll defer judgement. But certainly, it’s one of their lesser efforts.

test fro echo