The Monarchy of Nae

Nae is a kingdom in the central south-western part of the Three Rivers continent. It is one of the few actual polities of any size on Fels, with most being city-states.

At its widest, Nae stretches for about 1500 miles east to west, and 800 miles north to south. It is bounded on the south by the River Urosp and the region of Arimaul, on the east by the mountain range of The Chain, on the north by the River Coutea and the land of Oloi and on the west by Mialta. Geographically, it is mostly a rising plain, growing in altitude from the coast until it reaches the peaks of The Chain. Climatically, it enjoys a savanna climate, with rains mostly falling in the warmer months. The climate becomes drier the further south and west one moves in Nae, with Logisorde renowned for its droughts and dry dusty weather.

The forests that covered most of Nae have long since disappeared. Instead, the land is given over to the cultivation of crops ranging from wine grapes (for which Nae is famed) to cereals such as wheat and rye. Livestock raising is also common. Nae enjoys the simple fact that it is possibly the most politically stable place in the Three Rivers and its people and industries reflect that.

Nae was settled much later by the Shuganidz than elsewhere in the Three Rivers and Merhulneo. Their most notable relic is the eponymous column that graces the Nain capital of Miener Column. What its original purpose was is unknown, but today it is a 500 foot tall steel column that can be seen for miles around. It has resisted attempts over the years to destroy it, and today, is proudly a symbol of Nae and her Monarch.

After the Collision, Nae was settled spasmodically from the south, and the Nain are kin with the Inforagers though neither will readily admit it. About a thousand years after the Collision, the area around the column was settled, and a city developed. The port cities of Logisorde and Thyrdd were founded to serve the extensive hinterlands and bring Nain trade to the greater world. As the nation is effectively protected by mountains to the north and east, it was able to grow without real threats of invasions.

Over the years Nae has encompassed cities such as Real Movier, Thadnurn and Arstelope as its territory, and has at times, laid claims on Arvenes, Tosban and the land of Oloi itself. Today, Real Movier and Thadnurn exist in “free association” with Nae. The Nain view Real Movier as too large and unruly to properly govern, and find the odd customs of the Thads prudish and distasteful.

The Nain consider themselves the most civilised people in the world – and they may be right. The average Nain citizen can enjoy a life free of the raids, insurrections, magical whimsy, tyrannies and anarchy that bedevils most of the Three Rivers. They know they live in an orderly society and they guard their prerequisites well. The Nain frontiers are heavily patrolled and guarded.

The average Nain has loose brown hair, are somewhat tall and possess remnants of the duskiness of their Inforager ancestry. Those that have intermarried with the Oloii show lighter complexions. The Gartha they speak has a distinctive accent and lilt to it that others find occasionally obnoxious. While they are nowhere near as xenophobic as the Canal Society of Myre, there is a tendency to look down upon foreigners as being rabble-rousers set on upsetting the Nain apple-cart.

In short, they are an industrious people, very mindful of their nation’s place in the world, and strongly dislike anything that may disorder their balanced lives. The Nain maintain a large army and numerous wizards to enforce this desire. They treat the rare Oloii that comes south with suspicion, and view southerners from places like Real Movier, Thadnurn etc, as poor country cousins.

The nation is officially known as the Monarchy of Nae. As can be guessed, it is ruled by a Monarch. The current Monarch is Kjorne ton Kergephoros. The ton Kergephoros family have ruled Nain for centuries, mostly benevolently, but have not been averse to putting down revolts and strife when they appear, often brutally. The Monarch is aided in his day-to-day running of Nae by a large unelected council, drawn from the various merchant lords throughout the country. Logisorde traditionally, is lorded over by the Firstborn, the eldest child of the Monarch. Presently, that personage is Gelliam Mosandre ton Kergephoros, better known to the world as Mosey.

As with most rulers of the world, the Monarch keeps many wizardly advisers, the chief of whom is Pasper Yaes. Unbeknown to most folk, Mosey himself is an adept Werra, a fact he keeps to himself.

The average Nain citizen can expect fair treatment from the law. While the Monarch rules as an absolute leader, he devolves legal authority to various magistrates and legates throughout the land. There is little if any summary authority. General chattel slavery is illegal, although the higher echelons of society keep Dialesian women as concubines and paramours.

In the main, the folk of Nae follow the gods of the Coterie like most of the world, though Elesmis is given special place above the others. There are temples and fanes to the Coterie throughout Nae, with a fine one to Elesmis in Miener Column.

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