Here’s a list of longer fiction I have written for you to read, fair or foul. Enjoy. My shorter stuff, like poetry and flash fiction, I’ve put in the blog proper and searching for either “prose” or “poetry” will find it.

The drop-down menu isn’t the easiest thing to use if you’re on a device with a smaller viewport, such as a tablet or a laptop, so I’ve added a conventional menu here.

Series fiction
I’ve discontinued the Triocular work in favour of something better. I’ll leave them here though.

  1. Triocular part one
  2. Triocular part two
  3. Triocular part three
  1. Seusea and the Savage Heiress
  2. Seusea and the Clanmaster
  3. Seusea – four meet one
  1. The manor of Lord Ingram

Individual works

Prelude to a novel

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