Strange title for a record, right? INXS’s third release, and their first on a big label. This was the first INXS record I ever bought and listened to, on the strength of two very powerful singles, Don’t Change and The One Thing. Not unsurprisingly, these two songs are last and first on the album, respectively. Apart from the great To Look at You and Black and White (the other two singles) this album is pretty much throwaway. To be honest, INXS always were better at singles. I’ve yet to listen to any album of theirs that is 100% consistent or lacks weak tracks.

This album is not as good as Kick or even Listen Like Thieves and although it sold well in Australia and verily launched the band to higher things, it’s nothing special. I like it because I’m used to it. I know each of its ten songs off-by-heart, but I also know them for the filler they are mostly. Tracks like Here Comes and Soul Mistake are definitely second-order INXS. Old World New World has enough of the alien about it to transcend total filler status but seriously? Buy it for the four singles if you must, or get hold of a Greatest Hits collection. Like I said, they did singles better than albums.

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