The jasmine moon

Just a small piece I wrote one night.

    So I was out there minding my own business
    A northerly wind flung itself over the fence
    Jasmine on its waves
    In the luminiferous ether a near full moon crawled
    Perfect strangers imperfectly meshing
    It was the smell of little victories akin to olives and privets
    Through me and around
    The tiny moments of time that fracture the seconds and minutes
    A tremor of loveliness
    It reinforces the positive longings and makes for endless creation
    Amidst the chaos and muddlement
    Yes, muddlement is now a word, embrace it as it is a state of mind
    Like original people listening to original music
    That night with the jasmine was not wasted
    Nor was it lived through in a wasteland
    It was an inspiration to exult
    To take me past the multitude of false starts and aspirations
    A floral power cast on a northern wind
    So I was out there with no business to mind
    A town asleep beyond the wall
    The full moon blots out the stars
    Careering along the ecliptic, inclined and inexorable
    I came back in, in no rush
    And the scent steers off into eternity
©1996-present Peter Greenwell Text and images Creative Commons License
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