House of Hell

Page by page walkthrough of the Fighting Fantasy game book. Works for the video game version too.

(1) Front Entrance
(357) Rap the door with the knocker
(8) The Butler informs his master of your arrival
(277) Wait for him to arrive (not much is to be learned from the paintings)
(394) Drink the Brandy and ask to use the telephone [Subtract 1 Fear Point]
(309) Go to the Dining Room
(395) Drink the Red Wine
(196) Eat the Lamb (the duck is good too!)
(28) The Earl of Drumer tells you about himself
(224) Choose Fruit, Coffee and Brandy for dessert
(5) To the Erasmus Room for bed...
(59) Attempt to leave the room
(63) Pretend to go to sleep [Add 1 Fear Point]
(158) You hear a shuffling sound outside
(373) Hide behind the door
(399) Leap on the Hunchback
(220) Reduce his stamina to 4 or less
(234) Force him to answer your questions
(308) Ask about the people in the house
(350) Leave the room
(332) Turn to the right, see a Ghost Woman! [Add 1 Fear Point]
(73) Follow the Ghost Woman to Apollyon Room
(257) Decide to help the Ghost Woman
(358) Azazel Room - a laboratory
(117) Investigate the room further
(341) Examine the glass vials
(161) Drink the yellow liquid - protection!
(385) Someone's coming!
(26) You came from the right, right?
(287) Two doors in the corner of landing
(86) Door with no name
(110) Investigate the window (88 reference)
(193) Back to the landing
(377) Try the unmarked door - Storeroom!
(83) Search the things on the shelves, Garlic, Weapon (3 Skill added)
(233) Return to the landing
(374) Ignore the next door and continue onwards
(272) Follow the landing to the right
(175) Continue following the landing
(335) Try the door of the Abaddon Room
(139) Wake the old woman [Add 2 Fear Points]
(246) Wait to see what will happen next
(170) Ask her information about the house
(19) Defeat the Dogs and search the room
(321) Ask about Secret Rooms in the house
(88) "Mordana In Abaddon"
(295) Learn how to find a Secret Room
(159) Leave the room
(132) Go downstairs
(353) Choose the door on the left
(119) Explore the room further
(192) Examine the Ornaments - Weapon! Flask! Brandy!
(303) Examine the Fireplace
(364) Read through the Letters - Get Password (Pravemi?)
(85) Examine the Face on the Clock - Fire Sprites!
(145) Try another approach to defeat them
(64) Back up toward the window - fizzle
(392) Examine the secret button again
(397) You fall down a trap door! [Add 1 Fear Point]
(6) Spring behind the door to surprise whoever is approaching
(367) Step forward and announce yourself to him
(210) You follow the Hunchback from the room
(230) You've met this Hunchback before!
(198) You jog his memory
(93) Offer Shekou a drink of Brandy - the correct Password is hinted at
(393) You decide to follow his directions to get upstairs
(320) Hide under the stairs and use Mordana's advice (320-10=???)
(310) Of course you want to look for secret doors!
(276) You'll try a password
(237) The name of the house (Drumer) mixed up can only be MURDER!
(174) Enter the secret room
(48) You open the box on the table
(35) You have found the Kris Knife!
(293) Climb the stairs and return to the main floor
(113) Enter the door opposite
(324) Investigate the room
(147) Grab the case and take it with you
(3) Dive through the mirror - Golden Key!
(160) Step through the mirror
(294) Right-Hand door
(10) You've got the Golden Key! Now you've got Iron Key #27!
(204) Leave the chamber
(349) Step back through the mirror
(131) The people have left. You leave too.
(58) Follow the hallway to the right
(323) Try the door on the left. Use Iron Key #27 (323-27=???)
(296) You are back in the Dining Room. This time it is different.
(318) Pull the rope for the Butler and get on with business.
(351) Attack Franklins the Butler first
(336) Continue pursuing the Butler
(181) The Butler makes a startling transformation! [Add 3 Fear Points]
(109) You are armed with the Kris Knife (thankfully) You battle the Hell Demon
(400) You've killed the Hell Demon! You escape the burning House of Hell.  

Creatures You Must Battle:
Shekou the HUNCHBACK Skill 7 Stamina 7
(but the battle will end when his Stamina is 4 or less)
Mordana's Dogs
First GREAT DANE Skill 7 Stamina 6
Second GREAT DANE Skill 6 Stamina 6
The Butler FRANKLINS Skill 8 Stamina 8
(but the battle will end once you've inflicted your first wound on him)
What the Butler becomes...
HELL DEMON Skill 14 Stamina 12


(394) Drink the Brandy and ask to use the telephone [Subtract 1 Fear Point, if you have any]
(63) Pretend to go to sleep [Add 1 Fear Point]
(332) Turn to the right, see a Ghost Woman! [Add 1 Fear Point]
(139) Wake the old woman [Add 2 Fear Points]
(397) You fall down a trap door! [Add 1 Fear Point]
(181) The Butler makes a startling transformation! [Add 3 Fear Points]
Total=8 Fear Points (So if you rolled a Fear Score of 7 or 8, you'll die of fright!)
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