The Cup of the World (Cup of the World, #1)The Cup of the World by John G.H. Dickinson
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Hmmm…you know, I liked the earnesty in which the author propelled this story along. He had an idea and a vision for it, and I wanted to go along and see where it ended.

That’s the good part. The bad? It feels like I’m reading the condensed version of what the author had in mind here. There’s some disconcerting scene and time shifting that I feel is editorial rather than any quirk of the author’s.

Else? The lead character Phaedra…well, I tried to empathise with her and her lot in life, but I can’t. It’s like reading the life of a British royal and how she would moan over the silverware not being polished or something. Yeah, poor you. First world problems. She verges on faceless as well, and I was waiting for the author to inject a bit of sauce or fire into her. Never happened.

Then there’s the style. The author swings between full-blown Tolkienesque English and something proximating his own voice. That right there is a near-killer of this story.

So, you go over hill and over dale with this story and the net result is not quite what you want or were hoping for. Shame that.

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