Des and Johnnie

A small sample of a romance story I started years ago.

Des drove them back toward Cronulla. At the end of the road he parked his car and they walked to the little wooden bench overlooking Port Hacking and Bundeena. For some reason Des was reminded of French screen lovers and their declarations that “the night is still young”. He chuckled silently to himself and he and Johnnie seated themselves.

There wasn’t much activity on the Port. The sunset gave the water a pretty gunmetal like sheen and a gentle onshore breeze rippled the water.

To Des’s surprise Johnnie started conversation. “Why is it tragic to you that I’m not used to being liked?”

“Not so much that as the fact you said it.”

“Oh…it’s not that anyone hates me, as far as I know, it’s that I seem to slip by everyone, if that makes sense. I can walk among crowds and not one person will look at me; it’s funny.”

“I’d notice you.”

She glanced at him. “Yes, I believe you.”

Des wanted to say what his heart felt. The head said bad idea. “Would it be easier for you to talk to me if I was say, one of your customers?”

“Of course.”


Johnnie laughed. “Just the way it is. As a customer, I wouldn’t know you. I wouldn’t think about you.”

“You think about me?”

Johnnie shook her head and glanced at Des archly. “As much as you think about me.”

“All the time then.”

Johnnie turned to face Des, and to his surprise, didn’t turn from his gaze. For once, Des could take her face in from the front. Her mouth was slightly open and she regarded him through her eyelashes. Des felt intoxicated. Emotions seethed through his veins and arteries.

“You are beautiful, Johnnie. That must be the fiftieth time I’ve said that to you.”

A slight red seep came to her cheeks. She turned away slightly and looked over the water. “I wanted to meet your eyes then. I don’t believe I did it.” She looked back at him. “And you’re beautiful too.”

Des moved closer to her and took one of her hands. “Johnnie, it’s hard for me to express exactly what it is you…you do to me. I feel giddy around you, like a little boy in toyland. Ever since you walked out of your room the other night, I’ve known something. Well maybe not known, but sensed, I guess would be a better way of putting it. I’ve sensed a need coming from you.”

She looked at him evenly. She put her other hand on top of Des’s. “I can’t deny it Des, I can honestly say that I do get lonely.”

An indefinable time went past. Neither of them had any idea exactly how long it may have been, for both of them were too involved in just sitting there staring at each other.

“It begins.” Des said softly.

Johnnie laughed quietly. “It began for me a little bit earlier.”

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