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Flying the coop

It had to happen. My oldest daughter has left home, all very amicably. She’s commencing university in Toowoomba on 27 February, and is physically attending, as it’s a theatre degree. After a moderate amount of looking about, her and her boyfriend have found themselves a nice two bedroom unit in a leafy street. So that’s that. Toowoomba is a four hour drive from where I live, some of which is through winding, narrow roads, so the majority of our contact will be electronic.

It’s a bold step for her, but I have the fullest confidence she will adapt and thrive, to use an ecological term. I wish her well.

Ulujain.org redesign

I won’t hide it – I strongly dislike the word “ulujain“. It was a place on a map I drew up for a story that no longer exists, crafted probably in the early 90s. Back then, I took a fancy to the word and used it for a variety of things: video game characters (ugh!), user names on forums (equally ugh!) and, alas, a domain name I registered nearly seventeen years ago, after using it as an account name on various ISP’s token web-spaces (i.e. bogus.url/~ulujain). Well, o frabjous day, I’m of no mind to just let it lapse. Sentimental value? That’d have to be it, and after using it for mostly miscellaneous purposes, I’ve finally decided to put it to some artistic and worthwhile use.

Firstly, it will be a testbed for my experiments with the W3.CSS framework. Secondly, as mentioned, I’ll be devoting some of my more artistic passions there, essentially photography. This site will remain the outlet of my written creative work.

So I’m sorry Mr. Google et al, for the numerous 404s you’re about to get, but that’s the price of progress, and putting factual mediocrity into the digital graveyard.


Site update: a gallery

Just a brief update on a plan I have – that’s to introduce a photo gallery to this WordPress blog.  I’m currently looking at a few that are purpose-built for WordPress and will decide on one soon.

The year in review

Obligatory cynicism in 3…2…1



OK, with that aside, let me commence the year in review. Or y flwyddyn yn yr adolygiad if you prefer.

These questions have been adapted from here. This guy writes some very pertinent stuff.

General reflection about the year

Finished my enviro science degree, stop-start with the weight loss, oldest daughter graduated school and got accepted into uni. Youngest daughter completed Year 11. Despite somme up and downs, it was another relatively painless and serene year.

Significant events

Oldest daughter being accepted into uni.

Biggest accomplishment

Graduating with my enviro science degree. Staying alive?

Challenges you encountered

Procrastination, couldn’t be bothered syndrome, laziness, muddled thinking, unfocused intelligence, envy for other people’s successes, being overweight. A few suicidal imaginings here and there. Fear not, they were nothing I was going to act upon. I’m still here, no?

Learning lessons

That using an application such as MyFitnessPal is beneficial (if not essential) to proper, sustainable weight loss. That positive things rarely happen by accident – they need to be created. That, to paraphrase AC/DC, waiting around to be a millionaire is neither fun nor productive. In summary – something *needs* to be done.


My family, and a few friends. My psychologist Neill.

Most common mental state this year?

Meh. That’d be it in one word.

Me on the 1st of January 2017 vs. me right now

Pretty much thinking the same things though I wasn’t at home this time last year. Now, I’m somewhere more comfortable and can dedicate myself to introspection better. There’s far more grim determination this year.

Thirty days of gratitude – day thirty

What talent or skill do I have that I’m grateful for? My writing.

Thirty days of gratitude – day twenty-eight

What small thing that happened today am I grateful for? A lot of small things that combined to make larger things.

Thirty days of gratitude – day twenty-seven

What small thing I used that I’m grateful for today? My little world.

Thirty days of gratitude – day twenty-six

What expression am I most grateful for? Smiles.

Thirty days of gratitude – day twenty-five

What moment this week am I most grateful for? Any moment that improves the stories I’m writing.

Thirty days of gratitude – day twenty-four

What challenge am I grateful for? Any challenge that improves me.

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