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A few weeks back, I bought a 2000 model Daewoo Matiz from my neighbour, who'd had it languishing under her carport for months. I handed over the grand price of AUD$50 for it, although I know I'm up for considerably more to get it on the road legally. Once it's running, it'll need what's known colloquially as a "blue slip", or formally, an authorised unregistered vehicle inspection.

I estimate that it'll cost me in the vicinity of AUD$1500 to make it roadworthy. I've spent $170 on it now, namely on a new battery and a coil pack.

Right now, it doesn't go. There's some issue with the ignition system that I'm not auto-electrician versed enough to solve. I replaced the coil pack, which didn't resolve it, but at least I can say it has a new one. All of the fuses under the bonnet (hood) seem to be OK. The distributor likewise seems to be in working order, as are the leads/plugs.

I've removed the cowling from the steering column to analyse what's (not) going on with the ignition.

Steering column of the Daewoo Matiz

The previous owner had run it dry, and may have messed up the fuel filter and/or pump attempting to get it going, so that's something else to investigate once it actually starts. It also needs four new tyres (around $250 for the lot) and two passenger side interior door handles ($60 each). The rear vision mirror is one of these abominations that glue on to the windscreen, and it's come off, so I'll either glue it back on, or buy a suction-cup mirror (about $20-30). The back windscreen brake light has a broken cover, so I may need to get one of those from somewhere. Then it needs an oil change, which is around $50 for the oil and filter.

There's a couple of dings in the bodywork that need to be banged out - you can see one on the front quarter panel in the car photo below.

Once registered, I'll need to insure it. That's where the hip pocket will be hit. It'll be in the vicinity of $700 for compulsory third party, and comprehesive. The latter isn't mandatory, but I'm not irresponsbile enough to drive a vehicle with no property damage insurance.

I won't lie; I'm looking forward to this car being functional and road legal. I've never owned a vehicle this small before, and I've become quite enamoured of the dear little thing sitting outside, waiting for some mechanical TLC.

There's a British gentleman, Ian Seabrook, who's made a series of YouTube videos on his Matiz, whom he's lovingly named Myrtle the Matiz. Here's one where he covers 700 miles of Welsh and English roads while driving this little beast.

I'm not sure if I'll give my Matiz a name yet, but I'm inventive when it comes to that sort of thing, so stay tuned.

The Daewoo Matiz
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