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tl;dr - this site will be getting a makeover.

While I like what W3.CSS offers - especially considering its price: free - as a framework it doesn't cater to online fiction. This website is mostly an outlet for my short stories and all else must revolve around that.

There are also some essays here of story length.

But I wish to simplify the css. I don't use one tenth of the options W3.CSS provides, and it's just wasted bandwidth, minimal as that may be.

So I am going to largely handcrafting the css to cater to this site's perceived simple needs.

Of course, I'll be using W3.CSS et al, as guides and inspiration.


Through a mobile phone, this site looks quite good. It should; the css was designed from the beginning to be scalable, and my fiction is certainly more readable on a smaller device than it is on a PC.

Longer pieces of writing are notoriously problematical on a desktop. Some of this is psychological. There's an appeal to holding something to read in your hands, whether that be a book or a handheld device. You can get comfortable in bed or on a chair, which is not something you can do with a desktop computer.

It's the static act of needing to sit in front of a monitor and read wads of text that makes it tiring to mind and eyes.

So, I advise visitors to read my offerings on a mobile device.

Other considerations

At the time of writing, I source Font Awesome from its CDN, and this is used for some of the icons here: the home icon for example, and the social media icons in the footer. I'd rather not rely on third party delivery for any part of this site. I can host the fonts myself, and present them using @font-face and that's something I may do.

Then there's the endless search for the best font for the site. Right how, I'm suggesting Georgia in the css, which has some widespread support out there for the serif font of choice. It was designed for legibility on a monitor, along with Verdana as its sans-serif counterpart.

Without laying my hands on a reference, EBGaramond is also posited as a great, legible serif font. This one has the advantage of being released under the SIL Open Font License, meaning I can offer it here freely.

Another thing is my insistence on delivering petergreenwell.com statically. There are no dynamically generated pages here, and while this is great for web page loading, caching and so on, it does make things like changing the footer or header as issue as it all has to be done by hand. At the time of writing this - 12 April 2020 - there are over thirty pages here. Something else to look into.

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