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Some time back, probably in the middle of 2019, I emptied and this site of most of its content.

Particularly with, there was an accumulation of material from years of having websites. By that I mean photo galleries, wikis, forums, databases, different delivery methods (i.e SSI, PHP, plain HTML) and information that'd benefit and/or interest hardly anyone.

At one stage I even hosted the forums of an Everquest guild. today has been refactored into a rarely updated site that showcases various groovy features of the W3.CSS framework. I use that framework here too, though at a more simpler level.

With this site, I deleted the Wordpress install and kept what I believe are the more interesting posts, as well a few essays I've done for university.

As you can see, everything is in plain HTML. No PHP or any other scripting

A side effect of this website emasculation is that the search engines have seemingly punished me. All those 404s! Even with the addition of what I think is appealing content here on this site, my visits per day is a fraction of what it was at the beginning of 2019. Maybe I'm kidding myself as to what I think is appealing content. I probably am.

Here's how things have nosedived. This site above, below. usage

My personal feelings on all this? I'm happy with it. I don't sell anything here, and while visitors (other than robots and hackers) are nice, I'm content with affairs.

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