I am going to take Eldath as my goddess, and follow her tenets. What her tenets are have been outlined here. (Grr, I hate it when people kill websites!)

Above and beyond this (and naturally some of her tenets are not feasible in the “real” world), I will append my own tenets that I believe will be worthy to live by. This is the “retooling” of Operation 47 I mentioned in that blog entry, and sitting here writing this, it’s easy to believe that this is simply the newest “scheme” I’ve concocted to improve my life, none of which have lasted beyond a few months. Why they haven’t lasted is easy – failed application of the “just do it” principle.

So, how about I “just do it”? Believe me, it’s easy to find excuses why I shouldn’t start it, especially start it right now. Even as I’m writing this, there’s a few “it’s not the right time yets” floating through my head. They make compelling listening too.
Eldath's holy symbol

Eldath’s holy symbol

Eldath’s tenets to live by

    • I will be peaceful in both thought and deed

— Not as easy as it sounds.

    • I will pay proper attention to my health and well-being – especially since my blood pressure is a little high

— Got the blood pressure under control.

    • I will not procrastinate (“just do it!”) and not look for excuses otherwise

— Not as easy to do either.

    • I will desist from thinking the worst of people, or finding flaws in their appearance, mannerisms, actions or any other aspect. Minimise cynicism and sarcastic thinking

— *Sigh* I try, but one cannot help thinking.

    • I will cease drinking coffee and other caffeinated beverages

— Not easy to do either. Caffeine withdrawal headaches aren’t easy to get rid off.

    • I will not touch alcohol – I pretty much don’t touch it now

— Done; I’m a teetotaller.

    • I will be honest in my dealings with myself and everyone else

— Done. Been doing this for a while.

    • I will properly devote myself to the arts

— When I can.

    • I will finish all stories I begin

— Not an easy thing to do.

    • I will be considerate of the needs and feelings of others

— I try.

    • I will promptly finish all tasks appointed to me

— I try here too.

    • I will do the things that need doing when I see them

— Usually happens.

    • I will take joy from Nature and preserve it where I can

— I do, but I don’t get out amongst Nature enough.

    • I will be happy!

— I try. I usually just settle for contentedness

    • My happiness will lead to happiness in those I love

— This one seems to work.