Ocean Travel Without a Boat is the title of a book one finds in the game Ultima 9. It’s also the name of my kinship in Lord of the Rings Online which numbers exactly me as a member. Lastly, it’s the name of a site that pokes great fun at the bugs and idiosyncrasies of various video games (including Ultima 9).

Over the years I’ve attempted many times to begin a blog of a substantial sort and they’ve ended in failure and/or neglect. The main reason why is there seems (to me) a forced obligation to write something for the blog frequently. I generally can’t do this. I’m not the journal or diary-keeping type.

Despite this, this is where I’ll keep my fiction-related material, and my music and book reviews, and my more scholarly endeavours.

Notice re: university essays

Under Australian copyright law, I own my university essays and papers and can freely re-publish them. It’s not my responsibility to ensure that students do not plagiarise my essays or cite them. You should not be considering my essays as a source to begin with as they’re not peer-reviewed work. My essays are not authoritative. If you’ve made it to university, then you really should have the smarts not to go copying other people’s stuff or citing non-authoritative works. It’s not on at any level.


I have comments disabled for the time being. I’m not egotistical enough to think I’m going to have anyone flock to comment here other than spammers.

I maintain two other sites. Ulujain.org is my personal site, so to speak, where I have a collection of great miscellany. The other is aesedra.com which contains only a wiki at the moment, though I’m mulling the idea of starting a video game business which would use that site. That wiki is about two of my worlds and things and people contained within. I update it semi-regularly.

Contact info:

Best is email – email picture.

I’m on Twitter too (though I rarely tweet) — http://twitter.com/petergreenwell
I also use last.fmPeterRJG
I’m on PinterestPeterRJG
I don’t use MySpace, Facebook, LiveJournal, VK, Tumblr or so on.
I also don’t use instant messengers of any kind. Got all I needed from them twenty years ago.