A bio of sorts

  • Although I go by Peter Greenwell on the internet (mostly), my legal name is Peter Booth, and although I’ve been inclined to deed poll it to Greenwell, I don’t consider it important enough to pursue. Yet.

  • In age, I’m somewhere between Daniel Craig and Viggo Mortensen. I’m Australian, and I’m probably bits and pieces of everything European.

  • I have two adult children.

  • I am a PhD candidate.

  • I hold a Bachelor of Arts (Honours), and a Bachelor of Environmental Science.

  • My Arts major was in Gothic and Dark Romantic literature.

  • My EnvSc major was in environmental resource management.

  • What this means is that I could give you advice on the anti-Catholic origins of the Gothic while out doing fauna surveys in a rainforest.

  • I live in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia.

  • I don’t “do” social media in the main. I have a Twitter account, but use it rarely.

  • I do blog, though it is often painful, as I’m opposed at some primal level to journals and diaries.

  • I’m a teetotaller, non-smoker and non drug-user. I do like my food and coffee though. Especially coffee.

  • Here is my professional library.

a picture of me

Still here?

  • I write, which is the primary purpose of this site. What am I writing? Try this.

  • I listen to music that largely reflects my age bracket. 70s/80s post-punk, Gothic music in its various forms, paisley underground, metal, psych rock and prog rock. Dark, weird stuff. I’m one of these dinosaurs that despises most modern music.

  • I read mostly science fiction and fantasy, though I’ll devour anything that’s well-written. Elmore Leonard is an excellent resource on how to do dialogue right.

  • I maintain two other domains. Here and here (not much at that one yet).

  • Although I’m straight, I support and encourage LGBT+ lifestyles and rights.

  • And although I hold a few conservative values, I’m probably best regarded as a bleeding heart liberal. As an Australian, “liberal” means a whole lot more than the narrow definitions that are prevalent in some parts of the world. As does “conservative” for that matter.

  • While finding many of their policies and approaches needlessly confronting, I support the Australian Greens, and to a lesser extent, the Fusion Party.

  • I’m in love with Midjourney