Tintin and the Picaros (Tintin, #23)Tintin and the Picaros by Hergé
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Like with all of the Tintin stories, I read them years ago, but am adding them to Goodreads for posterity.

Of all of the completed Tintin stories, this is among the weakest and it’s a shame in a way Hergé passed away before he could redeem himself with Alph-Art. It feels different from most other Tintin works – he changes Tintin’s clothes, adds peace symbols to his bike helmet, puts hippies on a plane, adds in clumsy political commentary…you could argue Hergé is updating his best-known character to the age this story was written in, but it doesn’t really work. Captain Haddock really does seem like an anachronism in this book and why, after all these years, must he be saddled with a first name?

It’s fun in its own way really, but it isn’t on par with the earlier Tintin works. Not a great way to go out.

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