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Journal of Peter Greenwell

Month: Nov 2014

Lloyd Cole & the Commotions – Rattlesnakes

Way back when, 1984 to be precise, I heard this jaunty jangle/country rock tune on the radio. That tune was the titular song of this record. I did the logical thing and bought the album on cassette, where I proceeded to give it numerous, repeated listens. On the record I discovered ten very literate, articulate and eminently pleasurable songs.

The title track is the standout, but there are many others – there isn’t a weak song here, Charlotte Street, Four Flights Up, Perfect Skin…Yes, it’s one of those records, I’m happy to say. Ten tracks of gently, swaying music that ranges from vibrant country rock to reflective new wave with an intelligent and literate edge. I’m also happy to say that unlike a lot of 80’s music (yes, looking at you Icehouse, INXS), the sound hasn’t dated at all. This record could have been feasibly released yesterday.

Lead singer Lloyd Cole‘s background as a literature major ensures that the lyrics repay careful listening, and there’s no sign (thankfully) of any baby, baby stuff, not unfacetiously anyway.

Their next album, the sterile sounding Easy Pieces was an acquired taste, and I’ve not given anything subsequent a proper listen so I can’t say how things panned out, but this debut record seems to be the high water mark for the artist.


Weight and the losing thereof

operation 47

I’ve been at it for six weeks now, and I’m down to 125.9 kg. When I started to get serious about weight loss, I was 136 kg. Just by counting calories (or kilojoules if you like) and staying at or under my prescribed daily limit (8159 kJ), I’m losing weight steadily. 10.2 kg in six weeks to be precise. And guess what? I feel good doing it. I’m not starving or eating nothing but rabbit food. I’m just not eating the processed stuff I was before – salami, cabanossi, et al. No cereal either and I try to reduce my bread and pasta intake. Nothing to do with ketogenic or Atkins diets or anything; they’re chocker block full of kilojoules. Your average plain bread roll has about 750 kJ in it.

I’m aiming to eat good quantities of fruit and vegetables too. Most days I’m successful at it. At Christmas time this year, I’ll be at or around 120 kg, which will be the lightest I’ve been in probably a decade.

All because I decided to count calories using myfitnesspal. Too easy.