Quite a few things.

One of the best things I’ve done is speak with a psychologist. She’s help me focus on a few things that I’d tried to push aside. Push aside? Yes, like a few people, I have a fear of success. I can’t stand success or the place where it’s been, to steal a line from a Church song.

So, she advised me to do a few things. Mind map, was one. Get a whiteboard and map it all out – the things that are going on I need to put down in concrete form. When I get good ideas (which is often, dare I say), they get lost in my head in a non-sequential jumble. Mindmapping is a tremendous way to logically sort them out. I recommend it.

She’s also shown me that I’ve been putting off for years something I’ve always wanted to do – go to university. Guess what? It’s becoming a reality. By the start of 2012, I will be enrolled with the University of New England doing science majoring in botany.


A future as a scientist – where I go boldly into the unknown in the world of plants. There were two other things I would’ve studied had botany not taken precedence. One was astronomy/physics, the other was ancient history. The former requires a very deep and commanding knowledge of advanced mathematics, which I simply don’t have (and will never have). Ancient history has a lesser career path than botany, and there are two general directions for it – archaeology and teaching. The former appeals to me, the latter doesn’t.

I’ll be a mature age student. As you may guess from my user name, I’m 42, 43 at the end of the year. Time isn’t running backwards and I want to do something to leave my mark on this world, and in a good way.

Science is it.

Oh, and I’ve finally got two of my novels up on Amazon to buy. More on that soon!